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History for the Making
U.S. Fabrics All numbered fabrics are custom-made, in the United States to our specifications.
Woolen kersey 100% wool, 58" wide. Woolen Flannel, 100% wool, 58" wide.
Domet Flannel, 63% wool, 27% cotton, 58" wide.
Prices are per yard.


Updated 10 February 2019


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Sky-Blue Kersey   Dark Blue Kersey
#K2 Kersey - Out of Stock
For Trousers & Great Coats
#K3 Kersey - In Stock - $45.00
Dark mixed Grey
 For early war Great Coats
#K4 Kersey - Out of Stock
For Frock Coats, Jackets & Great Coats
#KBlack Kersey Domet  Flannel Dark Blue Flannel
#KBlack Kersey - Out of Stock
For early war Great Coats
#D8 Domet Flannel - Out of Stock
For Regulation Shirts. Also Great Coat & Jacket Linings
#F1 Flannel - Out of Stock
For Fatigue Blouses & Great Coat Linings
Also available:

 Polished Cotton, 100% Cotton, 45" wide
 Colors: Black, Brown, Ivory, $12.00