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Buttons, etc. Two Buttons, Buckle & a Musket...
5 March 2018

Buttons, etc.


States Rights Collection

 National Army Line



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Cherry 4-Hole Button Walnut 2-Hole Button
Walnut  4-Hole Button
$3.00 each
Walnut 2-Hole Button
$3.00 each
Kits in Stock: Kits in Stock:
#1P Atlanta Depot Jacket #K1 Richmond Depot type II
1 - size 40 1 - size 42
1 - size 42  
1 - size 44  
TrouVest Buckle U.S. Tin Buttons Suspender & Fly size
$0.50 each
Brass Vest & Trouser Buckle $3.00  each
Kits in Stock: Kits in Stock:
#K1 Richmond Depot Trousers  
1 - size 36 x 32